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Mesothread treatment is a great way to firm the skin, smooth out facial features and fade signs of aging.

Mesowires are made of polydioxanone (PDO) and are inserted using a very thin needle. Meso threads are thin and inconspicuous, which allows them to be used anywhere on the face. The threads are completely safe and completely dissolve in the body after 1-2 years. The effect of mesothreads is based on the process caused by the injectable threads in the skin, thanks to which the skin begins to produce new collagen itself. The number of threads must be at least 10 at a time, and they can be used up to 50 depending on the customer's individual characteristics. If necessary, the procedure can be done again one month after the last treatment. Lifting is visible on average 20-30 days after the procedure and the effect lasts 1-2 years. The treatment area is anesthetized with a very effective anesthetic cream (Emla) before starting the actual treatment! Treatment duration >40 min. Suitable for both women and men. Optimal age: 25-75 years. Meso threads are recommended for about 4-6 months before applying barbed COG or APTOS threads.

180.00 €