From January 1, 2023, you will find a solarium from our services. You can find an appointment in Timma so that the time you want is free for you. The solarium is also available without an appointment. We take care of cleaning the solarium carefully after every customer. The solarium time is automatically 15 minutes, which you can take twice in a row if you want.

According to the law, the age limit for the solarium is 18 years.


15min 20€
30min 30€

Solariumin benefits

  • Use the solarium exactly when you want
  • Enjoy the sunlight even in the rain
  • Get an unlimited tan 
  • Protect your skin before your vacation in the sun and maintain your tan after your trip
  • In winter, light cheers up and increases vitamin D production
  • Suitable as a general treatment and contributes to the healing of some skin diseases
  • Relaxing effect

Good to know before using the solarium

  • Identify your own skin type
  • Make sure you don't use medications that sensitize you to light
  • Check that you do not have an illness that prevents you from using the solarium
  • Do not use any cosmetics while using the solarium
  • Only use product lines that have been developed for use in the solarium
  • Always protect your eyes with appropriate safety glasses
  • Do not take natural sun and solarium on the same day