Cavitation 30 min

Cavitation offers a painless form of treatment for the destruction of subcutaneous fatty tissue and local shaping of the body without surgery. With the help of ultrasound cavitation, the subcutaneous fatty tissue can be broken up permanently and painlessly. The effect is based on ultrasound impulses that break the membranes of fat cells under the skin. The released fat passes through the liver to the metabolism in a normal way - like fat from food and is eliminated from the body within a few weeks.

In order for the fat cells to actually leave the body; it is absolutely important to follow a low-carbohydrate diet

The best result is achieved with a series of treatments given every 1-2 weeks. The length of the treatment series is completely dependent on the starting points and your home care (exercise and diet) during the series. Usually the lengths of the sets are 3-12 times

90.00 €